Thanks for saving my life!


A LONGWELL Green father-of-two who survived a cardiac arrest has been reunited with the police officers and paramedics who saved his life at a roadside layby. 

Ian Cains, 54, fell ill at home late at night and was being driven to hospital when his heart suddenly stopped beating.

His family pulled together – as son Charlie, 19, ran to get help; daughter Ellie, 18, dialled 999; while wife, Nicky, stayed at her husband’s side.

Ambulance crews arrived at the rest area outside MoD Abbey Wood in Bristol, after a nearby police firearms team found the Bath University porter slumped on the back seat of the car. 

Ian and his family met the emergency services personnel in January for the first time since the incident in the early hours of November 19, 2017.

"I’d like to personally thank the police and paramedics for saving my life," he said. 

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