Minister vows to change law on danger drivers

A FAMILY'S campaign to increase the maximum sentence for dangerous driving to a life term looks set for success.

Relatives of Ross and Clare Simons, who  were killed when the tandem they were riding in Hanham was hit by a speeding car, have been pressing since the tragedy four years ago for the penalty to be made tougher.

A consultation on  proposed changes to the law closed last month and the Justice Secretary Liz Truss has told the family she is keen to see the maximum term increased to life from the current 14 years as soon as possible.

The driver in the Hanham crash, Nicholas Lovell, who was disqualified and had 69 previous convictions, was jailed for ten and half years and is expected to serve little more than five.

Ross's sister Kelly Woodruff said after meeting Ms Truss in Parliament: "The Justice Secretary was quite horrified – it really hit home."

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