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'Aren't we worth investing in?'

A HANHAM schoolgirl has spoken of the devastating impact education cuts are having on her and her friends.

Izzy Hempstead, 15, received rapturous applause after she spoke out at a meeting called to discuss what was referred to as a "deepening crisis" in education.

Around 60 people attended the meeting at Aek Boco where they heard from a panel about how schools are struggling to make ends meets, with South Gloucestershire schools predicted to be the worst funded in England by 2020.

The Hanham Woods Academy student told the meeting: "When I was in Year 7 there was a team of support staff but these posts have been cut with the duties falling onto the heads of house and teaching staff.

"It makes it harder to see someone when I am feeling down because the head of house has to deal with over 200 students. This frustrates me because mental health is at an all-time high and pastoral support is at an all-time low."

Izzy said admin posts had been cut but because the work still needs to be done, teaching staff are taking on extra duties.

"It is left to the teaching staff who already have an exhausting list of duties," she said.

The former Hanham Abbots Junior School pupil also said maintenance of equipment and buildings is suffering.

"I have noticed that when facilities are broken, they take a long time to get fixed which affects the morale of the school.

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