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A story to melt your heart ...

LITTLE Leo Nicholls is one year old this month and his family have every reason to celebrate. Aimee Roberts and partner Alex Nicholls know how lucky they are that their son is alive because at just seven days old his tiny body endured life-saving open heart surgery.

Leo was born on November 6 last year.A day later doctors broke the news that he had four congenital heart conditions and would need surgery to give him the best chance of survival.

"After his initial life-saving surgery he came down with two serious infections and we said goodbye to him twice thinking he wasn’t going to pull through," mum Aimee told the Voice.

But despite the odds, Leo survived and the family are now raising money for and awareness of the British Heart Foundation charity.

Aimee and Alex, who live in Longwell Green, are planning a huge bonfire and fireworks party for family, close friends and god-parents to celebrate Leo's birthday.


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