A new way to gain funds for your community projects

November 08 2016

A NEW system of getting hold of council cash for community projects has been launched.

The initiative, called Member Awarded Funding (MAF), replaces the old system where councillors voted on funding requests at the authority's now defunct Area Forum meetings.

Under the MAF scheme, all 70 South Gloucestershire councillors will be allocated an equal amount of funding to spend on particular projects - this year the amount is £3,000 each.

Councillors will have the option to award all their annual funding to a single organisation or initiative, or divide it among a number of groups. They will also be able to combine their individual fund with other councillors in order to provide greater support to a particular scheme. The minimum award is £250.

Funding can be used to make a contribution to a community project or as a grant to voluntary, community or social enterprise group or town and parish council.

It can also be used to secure delivery of additional council services or services from other public sector organisations such as grass cutting or ground maintenance.

The new system has provoked outcry from the council's Labour group who claim it 'discriminates' against hard-working councillors who are active in their wards.

Councillors who have a formal role on a community group, or who sit on boards which represent community groups, are legally precluded from donating grants to those groups.

This has recently caused a problem in the Staple Hill ward when the two councillors were unable to make an award to the annual Christmas on the Hill festival.

Robust criteria is in place to ensure funding is allocated appropriately and details of money awarded by each councillor - as well as unsuccessful applications - will be published on the council's website, www.southglos.gov.uk/maf

For further information on Member Award Funding visit South Gloucestershire Council’s website, email grants@southglos.gov.uk or call 01454 865865.


Do you have a neighbourhood project that needs support? 

Before starting your application for a Member award, you should contact your local councillor to discuss your proposal. 

For projects and schemes in Hanham contact:

Councillor June Bamford, email june.bamford@southglos.gov.uk 

Councillor Heather Goddard, email heather.goddard@southglos.gov.uk

Councillor John Goddard, email john.goddard@southglos.gov.uk

For projects and schemes in Longwell Green contact:

Councillor Christine Price, email christine.price@southglos.gov.uk

Councillor Toby Savage, email toby.savage@southglos.gov.uk