'A zebra crossing here would be great'

March 03 2017

A DAD is supporting plans for a new zebra crossing along one of Hanham's busiest roads.


A DAD is supporting plans for a new zebra crossing along one of Hanham's busiest roads.

South Gloucestershire Council has money set aside to fund the crossing, which would be placed near the entrance to Hanham Surgery.

The authority has been asking residents for their views before a final decision is made.

Trainee teacher Nathan Taylor, who is pictured with two of his three children, Ingrid and Ella, said road safety should be a priority in the area.

"There are many children living around here who walk along Whittucks Road on their way to and from school as well many adults and children who use Hanham Surgery.

"Whittucks Road is a very long road with not many opportunities to cross safely so I welcome any measures put in place to make the area a safer place."

Many pedestrians cross at the existing crossing in Abbots Road and use the footpath through the doctors' surgery because there is no pavement on that side of the road.

A council report said: "A site on Whittucks Road, at the junction with Hanham Surgery, has been identified as a potential site for a formal crossing. A total of 39 pedestrians, including 23 children, were counted crossing at this point in a 45 minute period. Approximately 20 people were observed using the existing crossing at Abbots Avenue and proceeding to Roman Way via the off street footpath, it can be assumed that some of these pedestrians would proceed along Whittucks Road and use a crossing at the health centre."

The consultation ended on February 24 and the authority is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks.

Further funding has been earmarked for off-street parking in Laburnum Road and Abbots Road as well as traffic calming in Abbots Road.

If approved, the proposals are programmed to be put in place during the 2017-18 financial year.