Bikers' tribute

May 25 2022

 A CAVALCADE of mopeds and motorcycles was organised in memory of Hanham schoolboy Daniel Davies.

Daniel, 16, died on Easter Sunday when his moped was involved with a collision with a car on the ring road’s new ‘through-about’ by Wraxall Road.

His mother, Sam Davies, put out an appeal on Facebook to the biker community asking for people to accompany the funeral procession.

It was due to take place on Saturday 21 May from Daniel’s home in Hanham to Westerleigh crematorium.

Daniel, a pupil at Digitech, delivered Hanham & Longwell Green Voice as his first part-time job. He was about to begin a brick laying apprenticeship and was talented at managing stocks and shares.

He had spent his whole life in Hanham, attending Samuel White’s, Hanham Abbots and Hanham Woods schools along with sister Beckey, 18.