Bravery in the blood for BMX champion Jensen, 9

November 03 2017

BMX rider Jensen Egan has been crowned South West Champion for the second year running despite competing just weeks after witnessing his dad suffer serious injuries.

BMX rider Jensen Egan has been crowned South West Champion for the second year running despite competing just weeks after witnessing his dad suffer serious injuries.

The nine-year-old watched excitedly as dad Jason competed in the 30 and over masters category of the British BMX Championships, which took place in Derby in August. The 31-year-old, who had already won the South West regional title this season, was in podium position when another rider hit his wheel, causing Jason to fall off, breaking his hip and leg.

But despite this, brave Jensen went on win the South West BMX Championship, travelling to Bideford in Devon with mum Kiri just two weeks later.

“Jason had some quite severe injuries which Jensen watched which was really hard for him,” said Kiri. “However, they are very used to seeing crashes and although Jason was taken to hospital by ambulance none of us realised the severity of his injuries at the time.

“A few weeks later it was the South West Championships and originally I didn’t intend to taken Jensen. But despite seeing his dad’s accident, he didn’t lose the love for the bike so I decided I would take him. He won in  an incredible race and I was really proud of him.It was double heartbreaking as last year Jason also won the SW championships alongside Jensen.”

Sadly Jason was still in hospital so was unable to be there to witness his son’s victory.

“We had to go on our own and that made it all the more poignant. The riders earn their places at the championships throughout the year in their regional series so, as long as Jason was being looked after, we felt we should go.

“I ran to meet Jensen at the finish line and when he won he said, ‘I did it for my dad’. I was incredibly proud and both myself and Jensen were crying. Jensen rang his dad to tell him and they had a little moment together.”

It was equally tear-jerking at the presentation evening.

Kiri said: “They give out end of season trophies from regional events on the same night. Because Jensen’s dad had won the regional series this year Jensen went up on the podium and took the trophy for his dad whilst holding up his dad’s jersey with his name on. That was very overwhelming to watch.”

Jensen, who has also been crowned Bristol BMX champion for past four years, has now been placed 16th in the country, finishing eighth regionally despite racing in an older age category.

Kiri said: “It’s been a very good year for him.”

Team Egan, as the father and son duo are affectionately know, travel throughout the year competing in regional, national and club level races from Scotland to Cornwall.

They raced the past two seasons for national team, Factory Team Bikes, but from 2018 will race with Psykopath Industries, a national team based at Bristol BMX Club in Patchway.

Jensen, a pupil at Barley Close Community Primary, attends weekly training and racing from April to September and monthly in winter.

Meanwhile Jason is continuing to recover. He is out of his wheelchair and is using crutches but is unable to return to his job as a panel beater in Longwell Green for at least four months. Despite this, Jason is keen to get back on his bike and compete once again.

Kiri said: “He had to have screws and bolts put in, going from his hip right the way down his leg. Doctors say they don’t really have an outlook as to if or when he’ll ride again but we are being positive and Jason has every intention of riding again.

“The doctors say he is going in the right direction and Jensen is taking it very well. We are all trying to be positive and think that his dad will race again.

“It hasn’t put Jensen off at all; he’s on his bike all the time. We are an absolute BMX family and Jensen is the centre of it.”