Calling rail enthusiasts!

March 29 2018

THE FIRST meeting of a new train spotters’ group takes place later this month at Bitton Station.

The meeting will be held in the Avon Valley Rail Buffet at the station in Bath Road on Friday April 20 from 11am.

It will give an opportunity for people with an interest in trains to chat to like-minded people over a cup of tea or coffee and talk about ideas they may have for the new train spotters' group. 

The meeting has been made possible thanks to Curo Community Connectors, a project in South Gloucestershire which helps people get involved in their community and improve their wellbeing.  As part of this project, which is funded by South Gloucestershire Council, Community Connectors helps to start groups where there are gaps and need in the community. 

If you would like to find out more about the group or you are unable to make the first meeting, please contact Sam, Curo wellbeing worker, on 07527 061977.  

During the past eighteen months more than 40 new groups have been started by Community Connectors. The groups become self-managing and help to enhance people’s wellbeing.

If you would like help to start a new group in your community where there is a gap and a need, contact Hilary Jay, Curo community connector, on 07779 2495367. You may be entitled to claim the start-up grant of £200 for your new group.