Can you help Ash the Flash defend title?

September 03 2018
Can you help Ash the Flash defend title?

A BOXER from Warmley is looking for financial support as he prepares to defend his Commonwealth title this autumn.

Ashley 'The Flash' Lane is the current Super Bantamweight Commonwealth champion and needs to train three times a day to stay on top form.

Alongside this, Ashley - known as Ash - is passionate about spreading a non-bullying message to young people in schools and youth clubs.

Any sponsorship from local businesses would mean Ash can concentrate fully on his training and work with young people.

Ash said: "Sponsorship really helps out with all the training costs and enables me to do  boxing full-time. It helps with things like training gear, boxing boots and gloves, food and petrol."

The 27-year-old is working alongside Shelley Ford, who lives with Ash in Warmley, to generate some additional support.

Originally from Northampton, Ash moved to Willsbridge five years ago before settling in Warmley. He trains out of Bristol Boxing Gym in Easton and also travels to Weston-super-Mare to train with boxing coach Dean Lewis. 

Shelley said anyone who decides to sponsor Ash would benefit hugely from the relationship.

She said: "Ash has appeared on nation television, Euro Sport, Channel 5, Sky Sports 1, and his up and coming fights could be televised. He has over 5,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and his latest video as part of his anti-bullying campaign has reached 30K views.  

"There is so much involved behind the scenes to prepare Ash for his next boxing event and it is vital that he stays focussed by training three times a day.

Shelley said Ash had been bullied as a youngster which is what makes him so passionate about promoting his anti-bullying message.

"Sponsorship will enable Ash to not only concentrate on training but also to give talks in schools and youth clubs as he believes this is vital in the battle against bullying.  

"By talking to young adults, some of whom may even be bullies, Ash hopes to show them that they have choices and hopefully guide them to choose a different path. For those who are feeling vulnerable, needing encouragement, motivation and guidance, he hopes to be able to show them that with hard work and determination anything is possible."

Ash is currently busy training to defend his Commonwealth title when he takes on former champion Robbie Turley on October 27 in Newport.

To find out more about these and how you can become a part of Team Ash, please call Shelley on 0779 1537474.