Clean eating: It doesn't have to cost a fortune

December 30 2016

A BIOMEDICAL scientist from Mangotsfield is offering free healthy eating advice via her website.

A BIOMEDICAL scientist from Mangotsfield is offering free healthy eating advice via her website.

Sonia Nicholas, 37, runs the Green Apple Club online community, providing nutritional advice and recipes for people who want to improve their health.

After 10 years working at Bath’s Royal United Hospital, plus further work as a science writer and clinical editor, she decided to combine her medical knowledge with her personal interest in healthy eating.

She said: “People are bombarded with lots of information on how to eat, but a lot of it isn’t based on science.

“Our diet in the past 30 years has changed beyond recognition. Even our own grandparents would have had a vastly different diet to now, when so much of what we eat is processed.

“It’s not a coincidence that the past 30 years have also seen a rise in obesity, cancer and other health problems, as our bodies struggle to cope with all the rubbish we feed them.”

Sonia advocates a “clean eating” approach, avoiding refined sugar, white refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and additives.

To prove that eating a healthier diet doesn’t need to be expensive, all the recipes on show the price per portion, such as beef casserole for £1.21, macaroni cheese for 45p and home-made baked beans for 49p.

Sonia said: “You don’t have to shop in health-food stores and get specialist ingredients to eat a healthy diet.

“Everything I’ve used in the recipes comes from normal supermarkets, and the recipes work out even cheaper if you shop at budget supermarkets.”

Particularly popular amongst members of the Green Apple Club is the 28-day clean eating challenge, where participants choose to follow one of a range of menu plans for a month and receive support from each other via the website and private social media groups. The next challenge group starts this month.

The website, launched a year ago, has been a hobby for Sonia until now. In 2017 she hopes to start earning money from the site by allowing advertising and through an online shop selling her newly-released cookbook, Clean Eating Recipes For Home Cooks, and other healthy-eating publications.