Concerns raised over KFC plans for Asda car park

July 28 2022

EXPECTATIONS that KFC is behind plans to build a 24-hour drive-thru in Asda Longwell Green car park have been confirmed by the fast-food giant.

In April, Hanham & Longwell Green Voice reported that clues in the planning application – including references to awards, ingredients and processes – suggested that the proposed drive-thru would house a KFC, despite the name being kept secret.

Now the fried chicken restaurant has revealed its identity by responding to questions around the planning application.

The response said: “For each KFC restaurant, on average the construction will provide around 140 direct construction jobs that comprise of 90 on-site roles and 50 off-site positions.

“Once operational, the new restaurant will deliver around 30 new jobs (both full and part time.)

“KFC recognises that around 65 per cent of its restaurant recruits are young adults and it will be their first job. New employees will be supported with ongoing training and commit to an ongoing, clear career path.”

It said staff could study towards qualification such as NVQs and degrees.

South Gloucestershire Council is yet to approve the plans to build the drive-thru in the far corner of the Asda car park, next to the ramp where supermarket traffic enters.

Five trees and 41 parking spaces will be lost from the Asda car park. KFC customers dining on site will share the parking spaces with Asda customers.

To mitigate likely concerns about antisocial behaviour and litter, KFC has pledged to litter pick three times a day around the restaurant.

Governors at Barrs Court primary school, which is opposite the proposed drive-thru, have objected to the development because of safeguarding children, on-going rat issues, traffic and rates of childhood obesity.

They wrote: “To build a fast-food restaurant so close to a school is irresponsible and will only add to these worrying statistics.”

Oldland Parish Council is also against the plans, because of the appearance of the building, proximity to the school and Busy Bees nursery, delivery lorries making the Asda car park unsafe and predicted ant-social behaviour.

Parish council clerk Claire Dolman wrote: “The location of the drive-thru entrance on the Asda car park entrance road will lead to significant congestion for those accessing the Asda car park when the inevitable tailbacks occur from the drive-thru order point, especially at peak times.”

In addition, more than 80 residents have fed back objections to the plans on the council’s website.

One wrote: “Is a 24-hour, fast-food outlet needed in a residential area? Why can’t it be situated in one of the retail parks?

“I live 500 yards from Asda and fully sympathise with the residents of Craven Way if this crazy scheme goes ahead.”

Another objector wrote: “Health is supposed to be at the top of everyone’s list.

“KFC is not a healthy food. I believe some people say it stands for, ‘Killing fat children.’

“I am sure there are some council backhanders behind these developments. I need my sleep and so do my neighbours. I strongly disapprove of this development.”

However, seven people have supported the application, including one current KFC employee.

She wrote: “They are a good company to work for and also having a branch close to home means I will be reducing my carbon footprint by being able to walk to work rather than drive my car to Hengrove every day.

“KFC train their managers how to deal with any issues that potentially could arise. There will not be a lot of [parking] spaces taken up as most KFC staff will be in college and therefore not have a licence, and most will hopefully be local like me so will be able to walk to work.”

South Gloucestershire Council hasn’t announced when a decision will be made on the planning application.