Dancing girls recreate children's TV classic

March 26 2022

Dancing girls recreate  children's TV classic


BILL and Ben the Flower Pot Men were brought to life through dance by twins from Hanham. 

Elsie and Gracie Smith, age eight, performed as the 1950s favourites at their first ballet competition.

They were delighted to come away with a silver medal.

Dad Ben said he’d shown the girls old videos of the black-and-white puppet TV show to give them a flavour of the inspiration for their dance.

He said: “They were quite interested in watching it for a bit.

“We had to make the costumes ourselves. I was chief prop builder and made the Weed pot.

“Their performance was a choregraphed dance set to classical music.”

Gracie and Elsie, pupils at Christ Church Hanham primary school, are planning to reprise their performance in the hope of getting another medal. 

They are rehearsing at Signature dance studios in Kingswood ready to revive their Bill and Ben dance at Longwell Green & Kingswood Performing Arts Festival in October.