Fantasy fiction wins youth vote

March 29 2018
Fantasy fiction wins youth vote

FANTASY fiction novel Shadow Magic has been chosen as the 2018 winner of South Gloucestershire’s Concorde Book Award.

Author Sarwat Chadda, writing under the pseudonym Joshua Khan, beat off competition from five other young people’s fiction titles to claim the literature prize.

Students from Hanham Library Bookwurms and King's Oak Academy and  other secondary schools and library reading groups read their way through the shortlisted titles.

Votes were cast on World Book Day and the winner was announced at a gala event at the Bristol and Bath Science Park at Emersons Green.

Chair of South Gloucester-shire Council Cllr Ian Blair presented the award. He said: “I’m thrilled to have been involved with the Concorde Book Award this year. Congratulations to all the young people who have taken part, their enthusiasm and love for reading really is inspiring."

The Concorde Book Award is a long-running ‘young people’s Booker’ run by South Gloucestershire schools and public libraries.

The scheme aims to promote a love of reading among 11-14 year olds (Year 7 to 9 secondary school students, Key Stage 3), and thousands of young people have taken part since it was launched in 2007.