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April 04 2017

MP Chris helps abuse survivors to vote in safety

DOMESTIC abuse campaigners have welcomed a new scheme that makes it easier for people to take part in elections without compromising their safety. .. Read More

March 03 2017

Vets Column March 2017

Vets Column March 2017.. Read More

March 03 2017

On The Beat March 2017

WE often visit local schools to help young people understand how to stay safe while using digital media and technology. .. Read More

March 03 2017

Gardening Blog March 2017

THE vegetable section of any supermarket will offer a vast range of produce, a significant amount of which will be out of season and to meet the demands of many will have travelled thousands of miles to get on the shelves. Runner beans and courgettes in the winter for example, ours will have finished cropping on the allotment with the onset of autumn. .. Read More

March 03 2017

Chris Skidmore March 2017 Column

IN last month’s column I spoke about the upcoming mayoral elections taking place in May this year. Since that column the Conservative Party has elected our candidate and I am delighted to tell Voice readers that the Conservative candidate will be the South Gloucestershire councillor and local businessman, Tim Bowles. .. Read More

What a two years it has been!

I WANTED to start by thanking local residents for giving me the opportunity to represent you as your local MP over the past seven years. .. Read More