Frys Bowling Club news round-up

May 30 2018

Frys bowling club news

Thursday April 26:

Frys opened their Bristol and District League Division 2 season with a home game against Keynsham 'A'. The visitors soon took the upper hand and never looked back. Only rink 3 offered any resistance falling by one shot as Frys failed to score any points losing 69-28. Scores: Rink 1: 7-28, Rink 2: 8-27; Rink 3: 13-14; Frys 28-69 Keynsham 'A' (0-10).

Monday April 30:

The first game of the City and County of Bristol Bowling Association Clarence Davey saw Frys welcome Bristol Arrow to a cold Somerdale. Frys had the better start with 3 rinks pulling out early leads. Bristol Arrow started to pull back into the game. but Frys were able to keep their lead at a comfortable margin eventually taking a 93-64 win to advance to the second round. 

Thursday May 3:

Frys travelled to Page Park 'A' in the second game of the league season. Frys took and early lead, but Page Park closed the gap at the halfway point. Page Park continued to pick up shots and held their lead with rink picking up 2 points for Frys from the 46-36 loss. Scores: Rink 1: 14-18; Rink 2: 16-9; Rink 3: 13-12; Frys 36-46 Page Park 'A' (2-8).

Thursday May 10:

Frys returned to Somerdale for their third league game with Avonmouth the visitors. 2 rinks remained tight throughout the contest, but a 14 point win for Frys on the third rink helped Frys to the match win. The other rinks also came out on top giving Frys 10 points from the 55-31 win. Scores: Rink 1: 21-7; Rink 2: 18-13; Rink 3: 16-11; Frys 55-31 Avonmouth (10-0).

Thursday May 17:

Last Thursday Frys travelled to Knowle 'B'. The game started badly for Frys with rink to failing to score in the arly ends. Rink 3 saw Knowle pull away which gave Knowle a decent lead going through the halfway point. Rink 1 saw Frys pull away to even the deficit a bit. Rink 2 slowly pulled back into the match, which closed the game right up. The overall score were tied with only 2 ends left, with Rink 2 now tied with one to play. With Knowle picking up a singe to take the lead again on rink 1, Frys were only able to pick up 1 shot on rink 2, which gave Frys the rink win, but was only enough to tie overall, at 44 each, with Frys picking up 6 points to sit 7th in the table after 4 games. Scores: Rink 1: 2-8; Rink 2: 17-16; Rink 3: 20-7; Frys 44-44 Knowle 'B' (6-4).


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