frys bowling club september

September 02 2021

Friday 30th July: The 51st Alsop Shield between Frys and Keynsham returned Friday night after a year out, with Frys the current holders. Keynsham hosted the game and pulled out a lead in the early ends, but Frys stayed in touch with rink 1 pulling away. Just after halfway, Keynsham went 10 shots up on rink 2, but Frys then hit 12 shots in 7 ends to pull back the deficit. Rink 1 continued to pull away and with rinks 3 and 4 playing a tight game, it set up a tense finish in the final quarter. However, the game took a twist with rink 1 adding a further 10 shots in their last 6 ends. The other 3 rinks outscored Keynsham with their last 6 ends, seeing Frys wrap up their 3rd Alsop Shield in a row and 6th of the last 8 with a score of 85-69. Scores: Rink 1: 27-9; Rink 2: 18-19; Rink 3: 16-12; Rink 4: 14-19; Frys 85-69 Keynsham.
Thursday 29th July: In the league, Frys looked to continue their good form with a visit from Bradley Stoke. A close game turned on the 14th end on all rinks with Frys dropping a combined 8 shots which turned the game in favour of the visitors. Bradley Stoke would hold on to the lead and win 43-50 with rinks 2 and 3 picking up a useful 4 points for Frys. Scores: Rink 1: 6-25; Rink 2: 13-12; Rink 3: 24-13; Frys 43-50 Bradley Stoke (4-6).
Thursday 5th August: Begbrook Green ‘A’ were the hosts for Frys with both clubs in the bottom 3 of the table. A dark night soon turned to rain before trial ends even started. Rink 1 pulled away for Frys, with Begbrook returning the favour on rinks 2 and 3. Frys quickly pulled them back taking the lead at the halfway point. Heavy rain then fell as Begbrook pulled back rink 1 closing the game up dramatically. With the strength of the rain increasing, both sides exchanged shots, which saw Begbrook take a 3 shot lead after 34 ends. The 35th, 36th and 37th ends saw all Frys rinks combine for 4 shots, which proved to be crucial. The heavy rain resulted in the game being declared, with Frys taking a dramatic 32-31 win with all rinks decided by a single shot with Frys taking 8 points from the shortened game. Scores: Rink 1: 10-9; Rink 2: 10-11; Rink 3: 12-11; Frys 32-31 Begbrook Green ‘A’ (8-2).
Thursday 12th August: A struggling Ardagh visited Frys having only picked up 2 points in the last 3 games falling behind in the title race. Frys took an early lead with rink 2 starting with two 5’s in their first 3 ends. After a tight start, rink 3 started pulling away extending Frys lead to an unassailable lead in the game and the rink. An average performance on rink 2 saw Ardagh pull back some of the shots and Frys held a 5 shot lead on the penultimate end. A poor end saw Ardagh hold 5 shots, but Frys skip got into the head picking up the shot saving the rink for Frys. Rink 1 had gone 20 shots up, but attacking play from Ardagh saw them close the gap to 7 with 2 ends left. Frys closed the rink out with 3 on the penultimate end. The 72-38 win with 10 points saw Frys jump to 8th in the table with 2 games left. Scores: Rink 1: 30-17; Rink 2: 18-13; Rink 3: 24-8; Frys 72-38 Ardagh (10-0).
Frys cup runs came to an end against Bristol St Andrews in the Clarence Davey Plate. A spirited effort fell short 70-80.