Frys Bowling Club September 2018

September 03 2018

Thursday July 26

The 14th game of season saw Frys travel to Avonvale 'A'. After a tight start on a tricky green, Frys gained a lead on rinks 1 and 3 setting up the win. With the game safe, rink 2 were left to battle for final 2 points. A close game saw only single shots picked up by both teams for 16 ends. With Frys 9-7 up going into the final end, Frys picked up two shots to gain the final 2 points to take home 10 points. Scores: Rink 1: 21-10; Rink 2: 11-7, Rink 3: 19-9; Frys 51-26 Avonvale 'A'.

Thursday August 2

Frys hosted 2nd placed Canford. A close game came down to the closing ends. Canford won rink 1 by 2 shots with Frys winning rink 3 by 4 shots. Going into the final end, Frys were up by 2 shots on rink 3 holding an overall 4 shot lead. Canford held a single shot going into the last bowl. With Canford's skip unable to add any further shots, Frys came away with 8 points from the encounter. Scores: Rink 1: 13-15; Rink 2: 14-13; Rink 3: 21-17; Frys 48-45 Canford (8-2).

Friday August 3

The first Friday of August saw the 48th playing of the Alsop Shield at Keynsham. This year's match also marked the 50th Anniversary of the shield. Keynsham won last year's encounter, and it was the home side getting the better start. At the halfway point, Keynsham held the lead, but Frys were able to pick up shots across all rinks, with rinks 2, 3 and 4 taking leads, taking Frys into the lead. As the game entered the closing stages Frys found themselves about 7 shots up. A poor end from rink 2 threatened to eradicate Frys lead as Keynsham held 6-7 shots with one bowl left for Frys. A stunning shot from Frys skip gave Frys the shot, preserving Frys lead. Frys were able to add to their lead in the final ends, wrapping up a 77-66 win with an end to spare, regaining the Alsop Shield.

Thursday August 9

Frys hosted Henleaze 'A'. Both teams sat on 82 points, 10 points off the promotion places. Frys were able to stay ahead, getting 2 rink wins with one rink to finish. With the scores tied on the final end of last rink, Frys skip was able to draw shot with the last bowl of the match giving Frys 10 points from a 51-37 win, to close the gap on the promotion places to 7 points setting up a penultimate week match against 2nd placed Ardagh. Scores: Rink 1: 19-10; Rink 2: 15-14; Rink 3: 17-13; Frys 51-37 Henleaze 'A' (10-0).

Thursday August 16:

Frys travelled to 2nd placed Ardagh needing a points advantage to keep their promotion hopes alive. Ardagh got the early advantage, but rink 1 were soon able to pull the away team back into the game. Rink 3 was the opposite with the home side pulling away. Rink 2 was a much tighter game, with Frys holding the advantage into the closing ends. With the game finely poised with both teams winning a rink, it came down to the final end. With Ardagh holding the match lie, Frys were unable to get the shots they required in the last end dropping 8 points, bringing an end to Frys promotion hopes. Scores: Rink 1: 20-10; Rink 2: 14-16; Rink 3: 8-20; Frys 42-46 Ardagh (2-8).