Frys club hails Brian's 60 years of bowling

May 31 2019

ON Saturday May 18, Frys Bowling Club held their club match as the Brian Hill Celebration Match to celebrate club member Brian Hill's 60th year as a member of the club, which also happened to be Brian's birthday.

Frys club hails Brian's 60 years of bowling
Brian captained one team with club captain Stephen Day captaining the other team. After falling behind early on, Brian's team pulled away towards the end to claim victory winning 2 of the 3 rinks on a day which Brian thoroughly enjoyed. Brian joined the club in 1959 after twice winning the Fry's Chocolate Factory interdepartmental tournament in 1957 and 1959. Brian has served the club as an officer in various roles, as well as carrying out practical jobs around the facilities. Brian was made a life member in 1997 for his service to the club, and has continued to help the club since then. A presentation was made by club secretary Christopher Day to thank Brian for his 60 years at the club.

Thursday April 26
Last Thursday saw the start of the Bristol and District League Division 2 with Frys hosting Yate 'A' on a sunny but windy evening. A close start continued into the halfway point with no team really getting too far ahead. A few loose ends from Frys saw Yate start to take a lead. Just as it looked like Yate would go on to take the match, Frys came back. After falling 8 shots back, Rink 1 pulled back the deficit. Yate were able to stay ahead on rink 2, with Frys just keeping ahead on rink 3. With rinks 2 and 3 keeping their final ends tight, the penultimate end on rink 1 saw a Frys pack in 5 shots to take the rink lead, but also closed the match to 3 shots with 2 ends left. With rink 2 dropping a single on the last end to hold on by one shot, it left Frys 4 behind. With the skips on rink 1 left to play, Frys found themselves shot down, but with 3 seconds. With Frys skip looking to play a hit and stay shot to get the 4 to draw, the bowl looked good, but caught the edge of Yate's bowl taking it out the head, but Frys bowl ran out the head, leaving Frys 1 shot short, but took 4 points from the 2 rink wins. Scores: Rink 1: 20-15; Rink 2: 9-16; Rink 3: 13-12; Frys 42-43 Yate 'A' (4-6).

Thursday May 2
The second game of the league season saw Frys travel to Knowle 'A'. Early rain soon relented and Frys were able to get an early lead. Knowle came back on rinks 2 and 3 closing the game up. Frys were able to keep pulling away on rink 1 which gave a good lead. Rink 3 found themselves 4 shots down in the closing ends, but a good last few ends saw Frys close to within one shot. A good final end saw Frys pick up 4 shots to take the rink and allow rink 1 to close out the game with rink 2 having one end to finish. Going into the final end, Frys were 2 shots up, but needed the skip to remove one Knowle's 3 shots with his final bowl to secure a draw leaving Frys with 9 points from a 51-40 win and currently sit third in the table. Scores: Rink 1: 17-9; Rink 2: 17-17; Rink 3: 17-14; Frys 51-40 Knowle 'A' (9-1).

Thursday May 9
Keynsham 'A' made the short trip across to Somerdale on a sunny but windy night. A close start set the tone as Frys slowly edged ahead, with rinks 1 and 2 getting out to a lead. Keynsham slowly pulled back the lead on rink 2 closing the game right up. With all rinks playing the last end at the same time, scores were tied. Rink 1 picked the win and two shots, with rink 3 losing the rink and dropping a single, it left Frys one shot up, with rink 2 left to finish, needing two shots to win the rink. A loose final end left Frys 3 shots down, with the skip having one bowl left. With options at the back, a forehand runner saw the jack clipped out for a dead end. A better replayed end saw Frys with bowls surrounding the Keynsham shot. A controlled backhand from the skips first bowl removed the Keynsham bowl to leave Frys with 3 shots. With Keynsham skip not able to change anything with his final bowl, Frys wrapped up a 45-41 win taking 8 points from the night. Scores: Rink 1: 19-12; Rink 2: 15-13; Rink 3: 11-16; Frys 45-41 Keynsham 'A' (8-2).

Thursday May 16:
Frys travelled to Canford for the fourth game of the league season. After a close start, Canford went into the lead, but Frys soon pulled back at the halfway point and continued to pull away, with rinks 2 and 3 gaining leads. After finding themselves 14 shots up into the closing ends. Canford didn't give and soon pulled the deficit back, with rink 1 losing shots quickly and some saved shots on other rinks giving Canford a 1 shot lead with 2 ends to finish. Frys levelled the game with the final end on rink 1, but despite holding shot on rink 2, Canford's skip trailed the jack to give Canford 3 shots and a 45-42 win with Frys only taking home 2 points leaving Frys 4th in the table. Scores: Rink 1: 11-17; Rink 2: 16-10; Rink 3: 15-18; Frys 42-45 Canford (2-8).
For more information about Frys Bowling Club or if you wish to apply for membership, please contact secretary Christopher Day on 01225 872959 or email You can also visit for more information. Training and equipment will be provided. You can also follow Frys Bowling Club on Twitter: @FrysBowls."