Gardening Blog: September 2017

September 04 2017

Our 22nd Annual Show held at St. Aidan’s Allotments in St. George last month was a great success

Our 22nd Annual Show held at St. Aidan’s Allotments in St. George last month was a great success. As always, the determination of our team to bring a show full of interest for all ages was obvious. The weather on the day was perfect and to say the quality of exhibits from vegetables, flowers to handicrafts were fabulous is an understatement, stunning may be more appropriate!

For example, one of our new plot holders Dan Wheeler walked away with a trophy for a superb collection of vegetables, daughter Rosie is seen here holding his cup. Not a bad achievement for someone who had not grown anything before. Well done Dan, you’ve certainly set the bar for others to beat next year.

Whilst our visitors were viewing the exhibits inside, those outside had plenty of stalls to keep them occupied with an excellent face painter for the children and a great selection of indoor and perennial plants for others. It was also an opportunity for plot holders to view new a newly selected range of garden sundries; many of which are not readily available at other outlets. For example, this included raised bed kits, various seed trays, and Crop Cosy Horticultural Net. This durable net not only protects plants against wind, rain and predators but creates a thermal environment over plants and seedlings. Call in to our Allotment Shop for more information or contact us from our details at the end of this report if you would like to receive a list of products we had on sale and we’ll be pleased to send you one.

Our visit to The RHS Malvern Show earlier this year was enjoyed by all and we have been asked to repeat it again. On Saturday 23rd September our coach will be departing locally, travelling directly to Malvern and we would like to invite you to join us. It’s a good opportunity to listen to talks by top celebrities Carol Klein and Alys Fowler in the Malvern Pavilion along with Jonathan Moseley from the BBC’s The Big Allotment Challenge. Don’t miss this opportunity; Jonathan is renowned for bringing floral theatre to a whole new level. You'll find him in the Floral Fiesta and we’re sure you’ll not be disappointed. If we’ve managed to whet your appetite, please call our Secretary to check ticket availability, 0117-9603253.

As autumn gets increasingly nearer it’s worth taking stock of any Runner or French beans that you may have been growing this year. Once the best of your harvest is over and temperatures take a dip these plants will rapidly go into decline. But before you decide to consign them to the compost heap, leave a few plants remaining if you can until the pods shrivel and dry, then cut them and take out the seeds. Store the seed in paper bags; add a note of what they are and keep them in a frost-free place until next spring and you’ll save yourself the need to buy more in the New Year.

Earlier in this report we mentioned raised beds that we recently had for sale, these are highly successful and can be adopted for use in many situations. And from feedback we hear from visitors to our shop is that they would love to grow their own, but many say that they do not have space at home or time for gardening. A small raised bed could just be the answer to that problem. Known as square foot gardening, it is just that! For example, a bed which measures just 3ft x 3ft x 6ins high and divided into 12 inch squares can produce masses of salad crops and many veg simply by continual sowing and cropping from just a few packets of seed at minimal cost. Comparing that to prepared and packed items from a supermarket the savings will be enormous, and the time it takes each week to maintain the bed can be measured in minutes. Adding that food miles don’t exist with these crops, more like yards it would be impossible to eat any fresher. If you would like to find out more, send us an email and we’ll be pleased to provide you with further ideas of how to get started.


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