Girl saves family from fire

December 30 2016

A CHILD from Warmley saved the lives of her family from a house fire after being woken up by a smoke alarm.



A CHILD from Warmley saved the lives of her family from a house fire after being woken up by a smoke alarm.

Four-year-old Lily-Rose Cornford stirred when the smoke alarm went off in the early hours of the morning on Sunday December 11.

The plucky youngster managed to wake the rest of her family, who all escaped unharmed.

The family of five, which includes parents Tanya and Martin and daughters Skye, 16, and Paige, 12, escaped from the devastating fire which gutted their home.

Four firefighters in breathing apparatus tackled the fire which is believed to have started accidentally.

Four crews attended the incident from Kingswood, Hicks Gate and Temple fire stations. The Red Cross emergency team was also at the scene to assist the family.

Lily-Rose’s mum Tanya Cornford said: “My little girl was woken up by the smoke alarms and quickly ran into her sister’s room and woke her and then came downstairs to wake us up too.We all got out very quickly but without the smoke alarm there might have been a very different outcome. I urge every family to make sure they have smoke alarms because one day they might save your life and those of your family.”

Avon Fire & Rescue Service group manager for risk reduction, Matt Peskett, said: “This fire highlights just how important smoke alarms are because during this incident they woke up Lily-Rose who was then able to wake up her family and everyone got out safely.

“The combination of the alarms and the prompt actions of Lily-Rose certainly prevented serious injuries or worse.

“I urge everyone to ensure they have a smoke alarm as they activate at the first sign of fire and give occupants time to escape, especially at night.”

 Between April 2015 and March 2016 AF&RS attended 539 house fires. There was no smoke alarm fitted in 185 (34 per cent) of these, however this has improved by seven per cent compared with the previous year where 41 per cent of homes had no smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms provide a warning that fire has broken out and could give occupants of a house vital extra minutes to escape, especially at night.

Just two or three breaths of toxic smoke from a fire can cause a person to lose consciousness or even die.AF&RS offers free home fire safety visits where staff offer fire safety advice and fit free smoke alarms if required.

To book a visit for yourself or someone you know call 0117 926 2061 or text VISIT to 0750 7319694.