Heat hits traffic lights

July 28 2022

JULY’S extreme heat caused the traffic lights at the controversial “hamburger roundabout” on the ring road to fail.

It is the latest safety concern at the through-about, which opened late last year. Moped rider Daniel Davies, 16, died in a collision with a car at Easter and residents have reported a number of accidents and near-misses there.

A reader experienced the failed lights in the early hours of July 19. To turn right, he had to filter left then cross six traffic lanes. On his return he saw a driver go straight through at 70mph. 

“I couldn't really blame them as if they are not from around here then to them they are just continuing on a dual carriageway not knowing there are supposed to be lights. If it was a roundabout it wouldn't matter if there were lights or not.”

The Voice contacted South Gloucestershire Council about the matter. A spokesperson said:  “Highways Engineers from our StreetCare team worked to resolve an issue which caused the traffic signals to stop working at the A4174 through-about for periods on the 18 and 19 July. It was caused by the extreme and unprecedented temperatures that resulted in disruption across the country’s highway network. The lights are now operational, and we will be monitoring them closely to ensure the issue does not return.”

The council has paused its plans for more through-abouts and is due to review them later this year. You can find more details of the proposals here: https://beta.southglos.gov.uk/ring-road-junction-improvements

A petition urging it to drop the plans has collected nearly 2,000 signatures:  https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/scrap-the-a4174-ring-road-rejig

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