Heatwave heroes help with Pete’s puncture

July 28 2022

Heatwave heroes help with Pete’s puncture

GOOD Samaritans sprang into action to help when a car broke down by the Blue Bowl during the heatwave.

Pete Ashman, 50, from Kingswood, had sought shade at Willsbridge Mill with girlfriend Silvia on Sunday 17 July when temperatures hit 29 degrees.

On the way back to the car they stocked up on frozen and chilled food at Aldi, before driving off towards home.

Pete said: “As I pulled away from the side street we were parked in I heard a thump and thought I’d driven over a pebble.

“By the time I was coming up towards the Blue Bowl there was a loud, grinding metal sound so I pulled over. The front tyre was completely flat. A screw had gone through it and punctured the inner tube.”

Pete, a semi-professional musician, wasn’t able to fix it himself and was worried because he’d broken down on double-yellow lines.

The RAC revealed it would take three to four hours before they could rescue them.

However, the people of Hanham stepped in to help Pete get back on the road. A man living opposite where the car broke down brought out a tyre inflator and offered Pete and Silvia some cold water. Another neighbour offered use of their toilet while they were stranded.

A couple walking by stopped to help but were foiled by a fault with the locking wheel nut key.

Pete said: “The woman was a mechanic and lay down on the pavement to get to the underside of the car. I felt really guilty that she was doing that for us and, although she couldn’t fix it, I was very grateful she tried.”

Worried about the rapidly-warming groceries, Silvia headed home in a taxi with the shopping bags while Pete endured the glares from other drivers who thought he’d deliberately parked on the double yellows.

He said: “All of a sudden a guy in a pick-up truck pulled up behind me.

“He was like Superman. He knew a way to get around the fault with the wheel tool and got the tyre off and changed in the blink of an eye. 

“He said he used to run a music studio so we chatted about music, because I play in a band with my brother. I barely had chance to thank him before he was finished and headed off, and I was able to drive home.”

Now Pete, whose band The Blush has played at Keynsham music festival, as well as supported Toyah and Jesus Jones, wants to thank the people who came to his rescue.

He said: “It was an awful situation on a very hot day, but actually all these people came to help and sorted things out for us.

“I want to extend my gratitude to them and hope that they see this and know what a difference their actions made to us.”