Kindness of strangers after driver's cardiac arrest

January 04 2022

STRANGERS who helped a man suffering from cardiac arrest while driving a van have been praised by his wife.
Tina Lewis put out a public appeal via Facebook to find the kind people who leaped into action at the incident involving her husband, Stu.
She wrote: “I had the most dreaded news about my husband having a cardiac arrest whilst driving and then ploughed into a car.
“The accident happened between Hanham and Longwell Green near the roundabout at around 2ish in the afternoon.
“We are looking for the nurse that helped get my husband out of the van with the other lady and started CPR immediately.”
Luckily a host of people who helped out at the incident went public about their part in saving the man’s life.
Chelsea Gosling revealed that she was the nurse who was one of three people taking it in turns to perform CPR until the ambulance arrived.
She wrote: “I was the nurse that helped your husband. I am so unbelievably happy to have read your post!
“So pleased he survived! Haven’t stopped thinking about it!”
Jimmy Hazard added that he helped pull Stu out of his van after the accident.
He wrote: “Glad to hear he is on the mend.
“Me and my mate were there to help get him out of the van. The nurse and the other lady were on hand and did an unbelievable job!”
Clare Wyatt added that she was another helper on the day: “So glad Stu is ok bless him. I really didn’t think he was going to make it when I jumped I his van and dragged him out so the nurse could do CPR and I could call [an] ambulance.
“Such an upsetting day. I didn’t think I would get over it but seeing he survived has made me feel so much better.
“I’m so glad he’s ok now and recovering nicely. Can’t wait to meet him, he owes me a cuddle.”
Ms Lewis later updated people to say she was in contact with those that had helped save the day.
She wrote: “I have now … found the three beautiful people that performed CPR on my husband. Also managed to find the gentleman that, with the help of his work mate, got my husband out of the van.
“Hopefully when my husband is stronger [he] can meet all the amazing people that were involved on that day. Once again, thank you all so much.”
Luckily another poster was able to give an update on the driver and passenger of the car that Stu’s van hit.
Nina Penny wrote: “My friend and her partner were in the other car involved in this head-on collision.
“They’re still suffering a few after effects of the accident, sadly, but also feel lucky as it could’ve been so much worse.”