Letters October 2016

October 07 2016

Letters October 2016

Don't forget Cadbury Heath Library


Having read your large article on the campaign to save Hanham Library, I would like to remind people that there are other equally important libraries in the area. 

I live in Longwell Green and have used the lovely little library at Cadbury Heath for well over 20 years. This delightful library provides full services with helpful and friendly staff for whom nothing is too much trouble. There are lots of activities for children and adults. Reading at bed time and the reading challenge, which children always enjoy. They have a large chocolate factory at the moment made out of Easter egg boxes to represent Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory. 

I myself help run a Saturday craft morning once a month which has grown in popularity. Unfortunately Cadbury Heath Library does not have the resources and support that Hanham has been able to generate, but all of us who use it would feel a great loss if it was to close down.


Glinys Toop


Gloucestershire and proud of it!


Am I a lone voice living in Hanham? Born and bred in South Gloucestershire, where Hanham, Longwell Green, and others are – and not in Bristol as the Rev Barry Bishop seems to think.

Bristolians are lovely people and proud of who they are, and rightly so. So who are all those that take away mine (and others') rights to be acknowledged and proud of who we are? Eighty years of living in Hanham, South Gloucestershire.

Perhaps Rev Barry Bishop should pop down to Portishead, Clevedon, and Weston-super-Mare and tell them they are Bristolians as well. BS postcode does not determine everyone is Bristolian.

I love the city of Bristol and I love the city of Bath. People of Hanham etc should be very proud of who they are and, yes, we are blessed to be living here, especially with so much history. The village will always be my village; let it be yours as well.


Jill Evans,

Chapel Road, Hanham


Please keep up the good work


Just received the Issue 1 of Hanham&longwellgreenvoice.

Wonderful, just what was needed locally. We used to get the Observer which is no longer delivered to the Meadows in Hanham. It is good to be able to keep up with local events and news.

I hope you have the funding and energy to keep this local publication going for a long time.


Mike Winfield