Letters October 2018

October 04 2018

Don’t forget about the neighbours

I feel I have to respond to your letter in the August edition of this publication regarding AEK Boko being a Community Asset to the local area.

Whilst nobody would disagree that getting young people into sport is a good thing, the football club must remember that if it seen as a community asset then it must work with, and respect that community that was here before the football club! 

Nobody would also disagree that the playing field is in a much better overall condition than it used to be. However it is obvious that the football pitch outside the club house does get overused to the extent that when we are in the depths of winter the pitch gets very muddy and is unplayable and numerous matches are postponed. This also affects the other pitches which get waterlogged and unplayable too.

Also, does anyone think of the residents in Greenbank and the adjoining side roads which get clogged up with cars on pavements etc when all three football pitches are being used at the same time? What about the noise and anti social behaviour that gets generated from the clubhouse when in full swing? 

As for raising funds for charities, do not forget that all the time they are doing this, residents around the playing field are also affected and have to close their doors and windows to keep out the noise.

Invariably when these matches are going on residents are unable to sit or use their gardens. Children have to be taken indoors in case of foul language!

Do not forget that plenty of money goes into the Boko coffers too from the clubhouse bar.  There also appears to be an arrogance around the football club following the overwhelming objections two years ago about the subject of erecting flood lights and associated building. Rather than have the plan rejected they withdrew the plan and now hide behind South Glos Council and various sporting bodies and present it again.

Is this working with and listening to the community or just looking after their own interests? In summary, do not forget that anything that is done in or around Greenbank Playing Field is for the benefit of AEK Boko, not the residents whose homes and properties border the field.


Scott McDonald