Making memories at mill

August 30 2019

CHILDREN from The Meadows Primary School have buried a time capsule at Bitton Mill, with help from the parish history group.
The whole school got involved in selecting objectsfor the capsule, which can be dug up in the future for people to see how Bitton has changed. The items included: coins, a grocery receipt for a weekly shop, the school’s timetable and menu, photographs and a map of the school, a school jumper, information on technology, toys, school work, the school motto and logo.
Also buried was a brochure for the new homes being built by Linden Homes at Bitton Mill, including floor plans and price lists, and a hi-visibility vest.
Headteacher Joy Mounter said: "The experience of burying a time capsule has been invaluable for the children and the school council relished the opportunity to get hands-on with the digging – it was a very memorable visit.”
Marlene from the Bitton Parish History Group said: “I was pleased to help the children bury their time capsule and was impressed with the items they selected, they’d clearly spent a lot of time carefully choosing what should be included.
“I find Bitton fascinating and it’s so interesting to see how the site has changed –  previously housing a former brass and paper mill, and then manufacturing car seats.
"It was sad to see the site derelict for many years and we’re pleased to be helping the new residents learn more about the village.
"We were delighted to be involved and it was great to work with some budding new historians.”
Emma Mackay from Linden Homes said: “The time capsule is buried in open space at Bitton Mill and has been marked with a plaque, so people can visit it.
"The children will be able to dig it up in 50 years’ time, when they’re in their 50s and 60s, to see how Bitton and life in general has changed. It’s been a wonderful activity for us as well as the children.”