Mini beasts ready to set up homes in moat

March 29 2018

CREATIVE children at Barrs Court Primary School rose to the challenge when asked to produce Bug Hotels.

The school’s Eco Team decided to hold the competition to help promote the use of the moat and other outdoor areas.

Pupils came up with their designs during the February half term and brought them into school for judging.

School business manager Karen Llewellyn said: “Staff and children at Barrs Court were extremely impressed with the number of high quality entries submitted and couldn’t believe how innovative the designs were. We even found some bugs had already inhabited the hotels!”

The Eco Team decided on winners from each area of the school was agreed upon: Sophie (Reception), Ashton (Red Area), Daniel (Blue Area) and Maddie (Green Area). 

Mrs Llewellyn said: “Congratulations to the winners. All entries have been placed in one of the outdoor areas around the school so that the children can use them in future outdoor learning. They are very excited to find out which critters set up their home in the hotels.”