New library unveiled at Hanham Woods

May 30 2018
New library unveiled at Hanham Woods

A NEW library has been unveiled at Hanham Woods Academy.

The facility will play a central role in the school's new literacy and reading strategy.

Some English lessons will take place there to develop students’ reading skills. It will also be a quiet place where students will be able to work and read. Reading clubs will be developed and students can take books out and read them for the academy’s ‘Drop Everything and Read’ strategy, which happens in period four each day when students read in silence for 10 minutes.

Recently, Hanham Woods became involved with the one hundred million minutes reading challenge, which encouraged students to read more than they had done previously. 

These strategies are being credited for having a positive impact on students as literacy scores improve across the board.

Principal Steve Kneller said he would like to thank the Friends of Hanham Woods which donated £1,500 and Blue Sky Property Solutions which donated £300 towards the new library.

He said: "It has been a personal mission for me to make sure the new academy library was launched. Now up and running, this means that the library will play a central significant role in the development of literacy and reading of all our students."