NOVEMBER 2021: News from your local MP Chris Skidmore

October 28 2021

Making our local roads safer

As the local MP for over 11 years I have been involved in a range of campaigns on all kinds of issues important to local people.
Following the tragic deaths of Ross and Clare Simons at the hands of a disqualified driver in Hanham in January 2013, I successfully campaigned alongside the families to strengthen the law on dangerous driving. On behalf of everyone involved in these campaigning efforts, I was pleased to accept a national road safety award from the road safety charity Brake. Road safety has continued to be a priority for me, whether that is action against speeding traffic through to filling potholes and keeping the condition of our highways safe.
I was pleased therefore that the council has started some major improvements to Hanham roads over recent weeks – that add to the improvements made over the last few years. Various roads including Lower Hanham Road and the High Street will be improved, including pothole and resurfacing repairs alongside the installation of speed humps and speed tables at the same time - coordinating it all to reduce the inevitable disruption and minimising the number of road closures required as the works are carried out. These are just a few of the roads being improved.
When it comes to road safety across South Gloucestershire as a whole, the number of deaths and injuries on roads within South Gloucestershire has been declining for many years. In 2019 the total number of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions in South Gloucestershire was the joint second lowest since the council was created in 1996.
The figures for 2020 will of course be affected by Covid-19 and the impact of lockdown on the amount of traffic and traffic speeds. But as we exit the pandemic, I will be working closely to raise with both South Gloucestershire Council and the Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford how we can work together to make our local roads even safer.
If you want the ability to actively get involved in road safety, then Community SpeedWatch could be for you. It is a partnership between the Community, the Police and Local Authorities. To find out about Community SpeedWatch Schemes in your area, please email: