On The Beat: April 2017

April 04 2017

ROAD safety is one of our priorities and we know it’s a concern for you as it’s often raised at community meetings.

ROAD safety is one of our priorities and we know it’s a concern for you as it’s often raised at community meetings. 

We all have responsibility to help keep our roads safe, whether we use them as pedestrians or cyclists, ride motorbikes or drive vehicles. 

One of the important things motorists must do is obey speed and parking restrictions which are put in place to protect other road users. 

This is especially true outside our schools. The restrictions – whether 20mph speed limits, double yellow lines or zig zag lines – are there to keep our children safe. 

We all know that the school run is hectic, with parents and carers having to get into work or drop other children off at other schools or nurseries. Adding inconsiderately and illegally parked vehicles to the mix only increases the risk of accident or injury. 

The neighbourhood team works with South Gloucestershire Council to enforce parking restrictions outside schools. 

If you park on a double yellow line or a yellow zig zag council enforcement officers can issue you with a fine of £60 or £100 respectively. 

Parking on the white zig zag at a zebra crossing, or causing any unnecessary obstruction could mean a police ticket with a penalty of an £100 fine. 

We’d prefer it if everyone just allowed a little more time for the school run and parked with more care! 

Staying with keeping children safe on the roads – remember to make sure you have got the right sort of car seat, correctly fitted, for the age of your child. We’ll continue to support South Gloucestershire Council’s roadside checks aimed at educating parents and carers. 

Apart from parking issues, we’re often asked to enforce traffic speed limits in specific areas. We and our mobile speed enforcement units do carry out speed checks, but we can’t be everywhere. Our Community Speed Watch scheme can be very effective in encouraging drivers to slow down. The scheme is run by volunteers who are trained to use speed detection equipment and pass on the details of speeding vehicles to us. The registered keeper is then sent a warning letter. If you’re interested in getting involved, let us know. You can find out more about the scheme on our website, www.avonandsomerset.police.uk 

Finally I'd like to let you know that a 44-year-old man from Hanham has been sentenced by the courts after admitting damaging cars in Hanham. In February he was handed a 33-week jail term which has been suspended for 24 months. This means if he commits another offence in the next two years the court could jail him for this time on top of any new sentence. He has also been ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work following the incident on Monday December 5, in which cars were damaged in Rowan Way, Hencliffe Way, Granville Chase and Riverside Way.