On The Beat: September 2017

September 04 2017

Safety first on return to school run

Safety first on return to school run


The darker autumn nights mean we should all take more care on our roads.

This is especially true as it’s a new school term and some children will be walking to school with their friends for the first time.

If your child walks to school, please remind them how to cross the road safely – ideally using a pedestrian crossing, making sure they can see clearly in each direction and always looking both ways.

They should be aware of their surroundings, so not staring at their phone or listening to music so they can’t hear approaching traffic.

Make sure they wear appropriate reflective clothing, and if they cycle they should wear a helmet and have lights and reflectors on their bike. Those rules apply to adults as well!

Road safety is one of our priorities and we know it’s a concern for you as it’s often raised at community meetings, especially around schools.

We’d like to remind anyone dropping children off or collecting them: 

 • never park on the yellow zigzags 

 • slow down 

 • respect the crossing attendant, if there is one 

 • park with consideration for residents 

 South Gloucestershire’s roads are getting safer, but if one child is injured on our roads that is one too many. 

We all have responsibility as road users to help to keep them safe, whether we walk, drive, cycle or ride a motorbike.

One of the important things motorists must do is obey speed and parking restrictions which are put in place to protect other road users. 

We work with South Gloucestershire Council to enforce parking restrictions outside schools – they’re there to help keep our children safe.

If you park on a double yellow line or a yellow zig zag, council enforcement officers can issue you with a fine of £60 or £100 respectively. 

Parking on the white zig zag at a zebra crossing, or causing any unnecessary obstruction could mean a police ticket with a penalty of an £100 fine. 

We’d prefer it if everyone just allowed a little more time for the school run and parked with more care!