Pedal power for Pudsey

November 29 2018
Pedal power for Pudsey

A SCHOOLBOY has raised more than £300 for Children in Need after embarking on a 25 mile cycle ride.

Alistair Combe pedalled from his home in Longwell Green to Bath, despite the fact the furthest he had previously managed was 15 miles.

Fuelled by a supply of jelly beans, the eight-year-old went through the Two Tunnels to Midford and via country roads to Limpley Stoke before picking up the canal path back into Bath and returning home on the railway path.

Mum Martine said: "Alistair made steady progress along the Bristol-Bath railway path into Bath, and was especially speedy cycling through the Two Tunnels between Bath and Midford.

"Changing gears proved tricky in the cold with gloves on but fortunately we didn’t encounter many hills!"

Alistair, a pupil at Longwell Green Primary School, and his mum stopped for an early lunch and a well-deserved hot chocolate to warm up near the Dundas Aquaduct and managed to avoid cycling into the canal on the narrow path back towards Bath.  

Martine said: "Cycling through Bath proved challenging with some busy on-road sections and hundreds of pedestrians laden with shopping randomly stepping into the road, but Alistair cycled exceptionally well and we safely rejoined the Bristol-Bath railway path for the homeward stretch. With tiring legs Alistair insisted on a few more jelly bean breaks, before making it home mid-afternoon.

"It was something he took upon himself to do and he was determined to see it through. Alistair was very upbeat and positive and the whole thing and didn't even seem to tire. He paced himself and finished with a smile."