Pipe down, park is told

March 29 2018

VILLAGERS have complained they are suffering from increasing levels of noise from the sound system at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park in Keynsham

Bitton Village Residents’ Association says loudspeaker announcements and commentaries from can be heard not only in their village, but in Swineford and Upton Cheyney.

Villagers fear the disturbance will increase if the venue adds more events to its calendar and the association has made formal complaints to South Gloucestershire Council.

In response, Avon Valley says it has installed a new speaker system, switching from horn speakers to column speakers to help disperse any noise.

Lizzie Arkley, for the park,  said: “We are constantly monitoring sound levels and looking at the direction of the speakers and have also been in touch with local councils to ensure we’re doing everything we’re required to do as a business.”

Speakers are used to make announcements every hour between 11am and 5pm during off-peak periods and every 30 minutes at peak times, she said. The attraction, which employs 62 people, welcomed 200,000 visitors last year.

A BVRA spokesman said: “The nature of this business has transformed over the years from one that harmoniously complemented its rural, peaceful country, riverside location to one that clashes with its environment and neighbours.Activities have extended from promoting such things as excellent wildlife experiences for children to daily events during the summer that include pig racing and festival-type events such as the FEAR Festival in October.”

Ms Arkley said: “We do have to move with the times but this does not mean we make more noise. We are trying to make the park as educational as we can.”