Plan for 77 homes is given a mixed reaction

August 04 2017

Square Bay, which has teamed up with Bellway Homes to put forward the plans.

Square Bay, which has teamed up with Bellway Homes to put forward the plans.

Under the proposals, around 77 one, two and three-bedroom homes would be built, including 27 affordable homes which would be transferred to a registered social landlord. Included would be 192 parking spaces, which averages 2.5 per dwelling.

Greenbank Road would be widened in places and traffic calming measures introduced.

The sloping corner between Hollyguest Road and Greenbank Road would be made more pronounced in a bid to deter drivers taking the bend too fast.

As part of the deal, the developers would revamp the outdated and neglected play area beside the football club.

Residents were given opportunity to view the draft proposals at a public drop-in exhibition held at the Church of the Ascension in Hollyguest Road back in July.

More than 140 residents and community stakeholders turned up and made their views known via feedback forms.

Resident Keith Plummer, who lives in a flat in Risdale House which backs on to the play area, said: "My major concern is that Hanham will lose another green open space. There's also talk about building on the Hanham Hills so will Hanham become a sea of concrete and rooftops?

"Wildlife including badgers, foxes, squirrels and magpies have been attracted to the site since it's been fenced off so building work would affect the area's biodiversity."

Woodyleaze Drive resident Janet Summers said Greenbank Road was not suitable for extra traffic.

"The whole of Greenbank Road needs to be widened but the developers aren't widening all of it, only sections. There's nowhere for pedestrians to cross safely either. There's no island, no pedestrian lights and no zebra crossing yet there will be a lot more children needing to cross the road.

"Greenbank Road is already hazardous and extra homes will just make it worse. I don't mind them building homes but they've got to sort the road out."

Carol Bryant, also of Woodyleaze Drive, said: "77 homes will mean at least 77 extra cars using Greenbank Road and that's a lot more traffic. I really don't think they've thought this through properly. They need to do a lot more thinking."

Mum-of-two Louise Hartree, of nearby Kelston Grove, said she was concerned about pressure on school places.

"I'm worried about school spaces as it could affect my daughter getting into our local secondary school. Schools in the area are already oversubcribed and 77 family homes will mean a lot of extra children needing places at local schools."

But Jennifer Summers, who grew up on Greenbank Road but now lives in nearby Court Road, was supportive of the proposals: "I was expecting the homes to look cramped but I was pleasantly surprised to see they weren't cramming them in like some other schemes.

"Cars come speeding from Hollyguest Road down into Greenbank Road so it's good they are including provisions to try to stop that."