Plans go in for Lidl store at retail park

May 31 2019

LIDL has now submitted a planning application for a new store in Longwell Green.

Plans go in for Lidl store at retail park
The supermarket first revealed in January that it wanted to open a brand new store on Aldermoor Way at the site of the former Homebase store.
Lidl UK’s regional head of property, Glen Stidever, said: “We are delighted to announce that we have submitted a planning application with South Gloucestershire Council.
“If granted this would mark a multi-million pound investment in the area, and the creation of new jobs when the store opens. We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support and feedback so far and look forward to receiving the decision in due course.”
But the store's plans have not gone down well with all residents, with four people objecting to the proposals at the time Hanham and Longwell Green Voice went to print.
One objector said: “Shockingly the trees and shrubs were cut down outside Homebase without permission and we as neighbours in adjacent bungalows are completely opposed to this, our view is now an ugly corrugated building.”
Their concerns about tree felling were also raised by another concerned resident: “Why have all the trees, bushes and landscaping greenery been removed prior to the planning application being considered? The arboreal report clearly recommends retaining all trees and landscaping. The visual effect on Bath Road is now an unpleasant dirty building.”
Another resident commented that there are already too many supermarkets in the area: “I object to this application as the area does not need another supermarket there are plenty already e.g. Hanham and Longwell Green. There are no plans for any road improvements to deal with the increase in traffic any supermarket will cause and Aldermoor Road is congested already. When the Aldi was built on Bath Road Longwell Green there were no road improvements, hence the road is now in a poor state and the traffic this supermarket has caused makes this part of the road a nightmare too travel along. The same would happen with any supermarket on Aldermoor Road.”
Oldland Parish Council has told South Glos it has no objection to the scheme.
The plans detail a 1,264m² sales area, and will create up to 40 new jobs for the local economy. The supermarket will feature facilities such as an instore bakery and customer toilet.
A non-food store is also planned for the site but Lidl has not yet revealed who its neighbour might be.
There will be 179 car parking spaces, 56 more than Homebase provided. These include 11 disabled bays and 17 parent and child spaces.
If approved, it will add to Lidl’s existing store portfolio of 760, and will form part of the company’s growth plans which will see it open more than 50 new stores a year.
Last month Hanham and Longwell Green Voice revealed that Lidl would keep its Hanham branch open despite intentions to open a larger store nearby.
A Lidl spokesperson told the Voice that the company had enough customers to keep both stores going.
Homebase Longwell Green closed at the end of 2018 after experiencing difficult trading conditions.
Lidl said it hopes that a decision will be made on the application in the coming months.