Plans unveiled for 24-hour drive-thru in Asda car park

March 26 2022

A FAST-FOOD drive-thru will open in the Asda Longwell Green car park if plans are approved by South Gloucestershire Council.

The 24-hour drive-thru will be built in the corner closest to where traffic curves up into the Asda car park.

As well as a drive-thru option, the restaurant will also have indoor seating for up to 20 customers, plus external seating. There will be a separate collection point for delivery services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat.

Applicants EG Group hasn’t specified which fast-food chain will occupy the drive-thru. Similar drive-thru projects of theirs have been primarily for KFC, though others have included for Burger King and Subway.

Other clues that the restaurant is likely to be KFC include references to not using palm oil and a recent award for its vegan offering from PETA. The application states that used cooking oil from the site will be recycled into biodiesel by Olleco, which advertises its work for KFC on its website.

The Asda car park will lose 41 parking spaces and five trees to make way for the drive-thru. Customers wanting to eat inside will share the existing parking spaces with Asda customers.

To mitigate likely concerns about antisocial behaviour and litter, the applicants have pledged to litter pick three times a day around the restaurant. 

There will also be a dedicated email inbox for people to report discarded packaging in the community.

The 40 staff will be trained in dealing with drunk, “challenging customers” and CCTV will keep watch inside and outside the premises.

More than 20 public comments have been submitted to the council already, mainly in opposition to the drive-thru.

One resident wrote: “You have already let Asda have a new fuel filling station that is 24hrs and the signage has caused distress to local residents who have to cope with the unpleasant view.

“Now you expect them to cope with a food outlet 24hrs. NO No No No.”

Another  wrote: “This area does not need another food outlet let alone one that is 24 hour AND a drive through.

“The litter created would undoubtedly be thrown out of cars along [the] ring road and who is going to pick that up? Because it certainly won’t be the council.

“At a time when the global agenda is to create less waste, encourage us all to eat more healthily and to use our cars less, this application seems to be taking us backwards.”

However, some people are in favour of the new restaurant.

One supporter wrote: “The area needs rejuvenation and I feel this would be a benefit to local residents.”

Another  wrote: “All these people moaning about the noise from Asda, bought a house near a supermarket then [are] complaining about the supermarket.

“It gets my support all day long.”

South Gloucestershire Council hasn’t announced when a decision will be made on the planning application.