School bucks trend and drops uniform

June 29 2018

STUDENTS at Digitech Studio School in Warmley have been told they can ditch uniform.

Students in Years 10 and 11 will not have to wear school uniform, a policy in line with the school's Post 16 department.

The changes are because staff, students and parents believe that non-uniform will suit the ethos and culture of the small creative and media school for 14 to 19-year-olds, opened in 2015.

Students will be expected to dress as if they are going on work experience or to an interview for college. PE kit will remain unchanged.

The school has laid down some ground rules and have banned hats and hoods, ripped jeans, clothing with slogans or large logos, crop tops and thin leggings. Low cut jeans with underwear showing, low cut or strappy tops, short skirts, flip flops and sandals are also  no-go.

Previous dress code was a black or grey suit, white shirt and purple tie. 

More than 80 per cent of parents surveyed said they thought the school should not have a uniform, although 60 per cent believed there should be a dress code.

In a letter to parents, principal Lis Jolley said: "We reserve the right to challenge students on their dress and expect full cooperation from parents and carers if we deem that a student is not dressed appropriately for an educational environment."

Ms Jolley told the Voice: "This is a 14-19 school that has a mature college feel. Students currently are dressed for business, but in reality the business dress does not reflect the employers and sectors that we work with where the dress code is much more casual."