School computers hacked

April 06 2021

TWO schools in Hanham were among 24 in South Gloucestershire that had their computer networks disabled by hackers.
The “targeted ransomware attack”, where malicious software is installed on a system to block access until a ransom is paid, took down IT systems at schools on March 16.
Most were still experiencing problems a week later. The schools affected included seven  in Castle School Education Trust and 17 run by South Gloucestershire Council. Among these were Samuel White’s Infant School and Hanham Abbots Junior School.
A joint statement from CSET and the council said: “This was a highly sophisticated attack, which breached multiple layers of protection of the IT system shared by schools in Castle School Education Trust and partner primary schools in South Gloucestershire.
“CSET and South Gloucestershire Council are working together with external partners and agencies to investigate this attack and restore IT systems to the schools.
“This highly sophisticated ransomware attack has caused significant disruption to our schools, and we are grateful to our staff and pupils for their patience and understanding as we work together to restore IT systems.
“We would like to reassure the community that all of our schools remain safe and no pupils are at risk as a result of the ransomware attack, and we are working to ensure that their education continues with minimal disruption.”
The attack has been reported to the police and the National Cyber Security Centre.