September 2019: News from the Metro Mayor

August 30 2019

Local Industrial Strategy will benefit us all

I HAVE recently been in touch with our new Prime Minister and new government ministers to update them on the progress we’re making and what we can do to deliver more for the West of England. I am always championing our region and I’m confident the government will see that we’re making a real difference, investing to improve where we live, with ambitious schemes such as our MetroWest rail plans which include seven new train stations.
I have long been a supporter of devolution because I believe local people who live and work in the region are best placed to understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities that we face. I am pleased the new Prime Minister has signalled that he would like to give more powers and investment for local towns, cities and regions to spend on their priorities. I look forward to exploring how this can benefit the West of England.
On July 19 I was delighted to join regional business, academia and council leaders for the launch of the West of England’s Local Industrial Strategy. The Strategy sets out how we will work towards raising productivity levels and create high-quality, well paid jobs across the West of England.
This Strategy is a blueprint for the region which will enable us to showcase our strengths and ambitions with both the government and businesses looking to invest in the region. To boost productivity and strengthen our economy, I am determined to ensure that everybody can get around the region with good transport connections, and that people have the skills that businesses need. This, coupled with building enough well designed and affordable homes, will help ensure that we continue to be one of the country’s most attractive and prosperous places to live and work.
At the heart of our Local Industrial Strategy, we are connecting businesses, researchers and residents together to drive innovation and test new ideas which will improve peoples’ lives every day. I want to ensure that the innovation, ingenuity and creativity that the West of England is world-famous for, can be harnessed for everyone. I am working hard to deliver this agenda by prioritising investment in transport infrastructure and skills. I look forward to using our Industrial Strategy to secure investment from government and businesses to further boost our local economy and create new, well paid jobs which benefits everybody working and living in the region.
Tim Bowles