Site planned for crossing 'is too close to surgery'

April 04 2017

PLANS for an extra zebra crossing along one of Hanham's busiest roads would be 'hazardous' according to a resident.

PLANS for an extra zebra crossing along one of Hanham's busiest roads would be 'hazardous' according to a resident.

Last month Hanham and Longwell Green Voice reported on proposals to place a crossing near the entrance to the doctors' surgery in Whittucks Road.

The scheme was welcomed by father-of-three Nathan Taylor who said the road is used by a lot by parents and children on their way to and from local schools and another crossing would help them stay safe.

But Richard Graham and his family claim the crossing would be too close to the surgery junction and would cause chaos.

"We are extremely concerned about the siting of the crossing - not least in terms of the safety issues it raises. We believe that a more appropriate and safer location can be found for a crossing, if one is needed at all."

In a document submitted to South Gloucestershire Council, Mr Graham has identified various issues which would make the crossing unviable.

"The proposed site for the crossing is too close to the surgery entrance and we believe this is dangerous. It is sandwiched between the surgery entrance and the bus stop and lay-by which we believe is likely to prove hazardous.

"It may also be contrary to Department of Transport guidelines which have historically stated that 'crossings should be located away from junctions...a minimum distance of 20 metres is suggested'."

Mr Graham said the surgery often needs to call upon ambulance services and unimpaired access, which a crossing could jeopardise, is essential.

With another zebra crossing so near, Mr Graham said another would just be unnecessary.

"There is already a crossing in place just 100 yards further up Whittucks Road adjacent to the surgery grounds. Appropriate road signs suggesting driving with care and directing people to a pathway through the safety of the surgery grounds to the surgery reception entrance would negate the need for a further crossing and provide a better solution for the community as a whole."

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: “Consultation on the crossing closed at the end of February and a feedback report was produced to consider all the comments received.  The next stage in the process will be for the scheme to be advertised in a public notice. People will then have 24 days to make any further representations before a final decision is made on the crossing.”