Small but mighty - that's BMX British champ Senshu

October 04 2018
Small but mighty - that's BMX British champ Senshu

HE may be pint-sized but there's nothing small about his talents. Seven-year-old BMX fanatic Senshu Flukes has been crowned British champion.

The Beacon Rise Primary pupil, who lives in Hanham, won the title at the British BMX Championships held in Blackpool on September 15.

Senshu put in a fine performances in the motos, quarter-final, semi-final and final at the biggest event in the BMX calendar.

The following week Senshu won all his races at the regional championships to become South West BMX champion, also taking the coveted Junior Rider of the Year award. 

Senshu started his BMX career at Bristol BMX Club two years ago with his 11-year-old brother Kaishu, who narrowly missed the podium at this year's South West championships with a number four place.

The talented BMX brothers were selected to be riders of a national BMX team, DT Racing, and have since gone from strength to strength.

The duo enjoy the sport together and both race locally, regionally and nationally. 

After winning British and South West championships titles, Senshu’s dream is to now challenge for the world title.

The world championships take place in Belgium next year but it has not yet been confirmed whether organisers will take riders under nine so he may have to wait a few years.

Mum Yoshiko Uno-Flukes said: "It's amazing. Last year he almost got the British title but came second. This year, on his second attempt, he became British champion and a week later he became South West champion.

"Senshu is always out on his bike. If he's not on his bike, he'll be on his scooter. He's always on wheels!

"He only started two years ago but is doing really well. I'm very proud of him."

Senshu said: "I felt quite nervous going up on the podium because there were loads of people watching.

"I love BMXing so much; it's my life."