Three arrested after spate of handbag snatches

December 05 2016

THREE people have been arrested after a spate of handbag snatches in Kingswood.

THREE people have been arrested after a spate of handbag snatches in Kingswood. 

In each case a woman was walking along the road when a man walked or cycled up to her and grabbed her bag. 

The incidents happened on Thursday November 10 in Two Mile Hill Road and Orchard Road, and on Friday November 11 in Moravian Road, Bank Road and High Street. 

The thief made off with the bag in all but one incident, in which the woman resisted and the would-be thief cycled off empty-handed after realising a passerby was likely to intervene. 

The women were aged between 30 and 73 and the incidents on Thursday November 10 happened just before 6.30pm and at 9pm, while those on Friday were between 1.40pm and 3.30pm. 

Two men and a woman have now been arrested in connection with the incidents. 

After a search of the area police recovered a handbag – minus purse, cash and phone - dumped in Bright Street. 

A man was arrested on suspicion of robbery and theft, while a woman and a second man were arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods. All three have been released on police bail pending further enquiries. 

PC 1309 Gavin Deegan said: “This has been very distressing for the ladies concerned. We’re glad to have been able to recover some of the stolen property and make arrests however our investigation is continuing and we’re keen to hear from anyone who witnessed any of these incidents.” 

Anyone with any information should get in touch through the police website,, or by calling 101, quoting reference 5216250722.


How to stay safe

 ALTHOUGH such incidents are unusual in Kingswood, police are encouraging people to deter thieves by: 

• Walking facing oncoming traffic 

• Trying to stay near a group of people or heading to a busy place such as a shop or garage 

• Trying to stay aware of your surroundings – avoid wearing headphones or chatting on your mobile 

• Trying not to keep all your valuables in your bag – it’s sensible to keep your keys, phone and wallet or purse in an inside pocket instead