Volunteers dig in to transform pre-school garden

May 30 2018
Volunteers dig in to transform pre-school garden

VOLUNTEERS at Christchurch Pre-School in Hanham are making strides in creating a new-look garden.

Dads, granddads, staff and committee members all dug in to create a complete makeover to the floor area of the existing garden.

They were given guidance and support by experts at Hanham Gardening Company who helped dig, wheelbarrow, flatten and re-lay bark until the new-look garden floor was revealed.

The next part of the makeover is scheduled for June 2-3 and includes building a base for a new shed and stage area for the children, a cover for a sandpit and beginning a mini allotment area.

Kind donations include compost and plants from Goldings in Hanham and a small greenhouse thanks to the committee's treasurer.

The pre-school would welcome further donations so they can build on their good work. Please contact chairperson Katie at christchurchpreschooltrustees@gmail.com 

Christchurch Pre-School is also currently part of the Co-Op Community Fund and will benefit from shoppers selecting it as their favourite local cause. For details see https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/18888/