Westerly Showband seeks community help

March 03 2018

WESTERLY Showband has started the year on a high note by issuing an exciting plan to increase its community involvement.


WESTERLY Showband has started the year on a high note by issuing an exciting plan to increase its community involvement. 

Musical Director Chris Harris said: “The plan’s starting point was the general realisation that music has a beneficial effect on a range of physical, mental and social disorders. This applies particularly, but not exclusively to those experienced by older people. Another related major problem, probably due to the way that society has changed, is that of loneliness and isolation and it is mainly with this problem that the Band recognised it could play a part.”

 The plan is to stage a series of free concerts throughout the local area. At these concerts the Band will provide a programme of much loved musical favourites from days gone by that everyone will know and can quietly join in with. There will even be a few sing-along specials, not to mention a few “action” numbers where audience could sway, wave their arms, clap their hands and even perhaps dance a few steps!

 The singing will be led, as always, by the Band’s resident singer, Alexandra Denman, well known for her contribution to light-opera, opera and musical comedy in the Bristol area.

 To make all this happen the band’s board is seeking help from local charities and community organisations to organise audience parties and get them to the concerts.

They are asking for help with providing or organising a church, hall or other suitable venue, free or at a reduced rent if possible, transport facilities, help with setting up the hall, ushering, providing or selling refreshments and fundraising.

 “You may be able to help in ways we haven’t thought of! If this is so we’d like to hear from you. Naturally an invitation is open to musicians or musical groups who wish to take part in some way,” added Chris. 

“We do know that there are people out there who recognise the needs of this particular group of people and would like to help in some way.” 

For further details see the website www.westerlyshowband.com

To contact Chris Harris call 0117 956 1950, email cgharris320@btinternet.com